Critical Illness

Plan Information

A critical illness such as stroke, heart attack, or Cancer could strike at any time, with no warning. You may think you’re covered with your existing Health Insurance, but you may not know that illnesses can bring out of pocket expenses that you don’t expect, including co-pays, deductibles, and transportation to treatment centers.

Serious illness is not only something many people experience, it’s an event with serious financial consequences. 9 out of 10 people know someone or have a family member who has a critical illness, and 62% of bankruptcies are the result of medical causes.1

Critical Illness Insurance offered at your workplace can help protect your savings so you can spend time getting better, not worrying about unexpected costs.

Good financial health and security begins with the benefits offered at your workplace. Take advantage of yours when it’s time to enroll.

Contact Information

Carrier: Guardian


Phone: Guardian Critical Illness Claims 1-800-541-7846; Guardian Benefits Hotline 1-800-600-1600 

Eligibility: All employees (>20 hours)

Employee may choose a lump sum benefit of $10,000 to $30,000 in increments of $10,000

Spouse: Up to 50% of Employee Benefit, Child: 25% of Employee Benefit

BASE COVERED CONDITIONSIllnessFirst OccurrenceSecond Occurrence
Group 1Invasive Cancer100%100%
Group 1Carcinoma In Situ30%0%
Group 1Benign Brain Tumor75%0%
Group 1Skin Cancer$250 per lifetimeNot included
Group 1Heart Attack100%100%
Group 1Stroke100%100%
Group 1Heart Failure100%100%
Group 1Arteriosclerosis30%0%
Group 1Organ Failure100%100%
Group 1Kidney Failure100%100%

See SPD, SBC, brochures, flyers and/or policy contract for full detail. Final rates can fluctuate a few cents on your paycheck. The benefit highlights and summaries are not an official outline of coverage.

Critical Illness with Cancer and Infectious Disease** Rider

**Infectious Disease Rider benefit effective 10/1/2021 and not before that date.