Plan Information

Our carrier United Healthcare Vision offers both in-network and out-of-network coverage.  The in-network coverage provides co-pays and larger allowances for services.

The UHC Vision plan is paperless. No cards will be provided for this plan. To print a temporary card, you may register on or tell your participating provider that you have United Healthcare Vision and they should be able to locate your coverage in their system.

Contact Information

Carrier: United Healthcare 

Network: Spectera Eyecare Network


Phone: 1-888-679-8925

Eligibility: All employees(>20 hours)

Eye Exam (annually)$10 copay
Eyeglasses (lenses and frame)$25 copay
Frame Benefit (every 12 months)$150.00 retail frame allowance
Contact lenses instead of Eyeglasses$25 copay
Contact Lenses (annually) Cosmetic/Elective Standard$150 allowance for contacts; copay does not apply
Out of network coverage also availableAllowances, see enrollment portal for additional coverage